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Antique Sapphire Gold Ring  

Anglo-Saxon Or Probably Viking Royalty Ancient Sapphire Gold Ring Found

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In July 2011, the Yorkshire Museum purchased an antique sapphire gold ring from Micheal Greenhorn. The museum is believed to have paid around 35,000 GBP for this antique gold and blue sapphire gem stone ring. Micheal Greenhorn at the time was a railway technician by profession and also a metal detectorist. He is supposed to have come across this gold ring by chance. Researches are considering this to be of great historical value, and have more or less concluded that it's origin was either Anglo-Saxon or some highly respected Viking personality.

antique sapphire gem stone gold ring
This antique sapphire gold ring has been purchased by the Yorkshire Museum U.K for around 35,000 GBP. It is believed to have been made somewhere in the 7th to 11th century with Anglo-Saxon origins.

Research is on to get a more accurate estimate of the time that the ring was made. As of July 2011 researchers  say that it could have been made anywhere from the 7th to the 11th century. By studying this antique sapphire gold ring against, previous jewelry styles found in the U.K - it is hoped that the date of origin and even the ancient ownership of the ring would be uncovered.

Another interesting study would try to find out the technology, available to make jewelry during periods of ancient times. Advanced testing has shown that this is not a 24k, 18k or 14k sapphire gold ring. There is a high percentage of gold 90% in the alloy used to make this very old sapphire gold ring. The remaining metals in the alloy are 8% of silver and 2% of copper. This would roughly give the ring a karatage of 22k gold.

If you observe the image of the gem stone in this antique sapphire ring, the gem is a blue that could probably be of Australian or even Thai origin. However back in those days, most blue sapphires were known to come from India or Ceylon (Sri Lanka). If researchers expect to get a very confident conclusion for the origin of the round cabachon sapphire gemstone, they will need to detect the trace elements in the stone and relate those to geographical terrain in probable locations.

If you are interested in knowing the dimensions of this ancient blue sapphire gemstone ring here they are. The ring head has a diameter of 25.5mm (about 2.5cm or 1 inch). Despite the impressive dimensions of this old sapphire ring, the gem stone itself is only 6mm. The sapphire seems to be rather too deep blue to be of Sri Lankan (Ceylon) origin - but we will need to confirm this after research is complete. The 6mm round cabachon cut has a flat base and is covered by metal at the bottom. Though not very clearly visible in the image, there are some red stones mounted in the ring two. Tests have already established that these are pieces of red glass and not rubies or other gems.

Considering the fact that the antique gold ring with blue sapphire, included some glass pieces instead of natural gems for the red stones - it seems that the purpose of wearing the ring was related to belief and tradition. There was a belief during medieval times that, sapphires protected the rich and powerful from bodily harm. This could imply protection from any assassination attempts. If the reason for wearing this atique gold ring was meant to show power and wealth, we would see rubies or red spinels used instead of the cheap red glass pieces. You can even find historic records attributing medicinal properties to blue sapphire gems.

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