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Big Sapphire Diamond Heart Pendant 

Heart Sapphire Pendant In The Movie Titanic Had A CZ (Cubic Zirconium) Stone 

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The historic details of the sinking of the Titanic ship are interesting though tragic. One account claims that a big blue sapphire pendant was present on the Titanic at the time of it's sinking. Remember that these are details of the original Titanic and not the movie. Since the big heart sapphire in this historic pendant was a blue sapphire, the pendant was called THE HEART OF THE OCEAN. No one really has clear proof regarding the origin (mining source) of the big blue sapphire heart shaped gem in the pendant. From all accounts, it would most likely have come from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). The titanic sank in the year 1912, which is not very long ago. It is therefore possible that the blue sapphire heart gemstone in the heart of the ocean pendant, came from Kashmir.


big sapphire diamond heart pendant

The famous, Heart Of Ocean Pendant worn by Kate Winslet in the 1997 movie 'Titanic'.

We now come to more recent times, 1997 and the release of the classic move Titanic. A story of love and tragedy and a movie that stole the limelight at the Oscar Awards the next year (1998). The producers of the movie included the basic theme of the big heart pendant in the story. In the movie Kate Winslet wears the historic heart of the ocean pendant, supposed to be the big sapphire heart pendant. The movie showed the center heart shaped blue gem surrounded with diamonds. The interesting fact is that, the center gem was not a big heart shaped sapphire, it was a cheap man made CZ (cubic zirconium) stone. No details are available regarding the surrounding diamonds for the big heart pendant. They could also be white CZ gems which cost next to nothing. The cost of making this necklace and pendant was believed to be 10,000 U.S$. This would mean that the 'diamonds' in that necklace and pendant were cheap CZ and not genuine diamonds. The entire set was made in white gold.

The big heart pendant in the movie brought about some interesting reactions. Remember that the big heart shaped pendant in the movie was itself a fake, a replica you could say. It was not the real big heart sapphire penadant that, historic records claim was aboard the ship when it sank in 1912. Some enterprising business houses, started making cheap replicas of the big blue gemstone pendant shown in the movie. Some even called it the Heart Of Ocean pendant replica! The gems were cheap CZs much like those used in the heart pendant shown in the movie Titanic. The metal was most probably silver or something even cheaper than that. These cheap pendants flooded the markets. They started selling these heart pendants for around 20 U.S$ to a few hundred dollars. The price dropped as the movie moved to the back of peoples minds. If you want to know what happened to the big heart blue cz pendant used to shoot the movie, we can tell you that it is with the Twentieth Century Fox studios.

The story does not end here, there was a really a real big heart sapphire pendant made. Though the Kaisilver team could not gather any information on the big heart sapphire pendant that, was aboard the Titanic ship when it sank in 1912, we tracked the events that happened after the movie Titanic was made. Kaisilver learnt that the same London jeweler (prefer to withold the name) who made the CZ heart pendant for the movie, made a real sapphire pendant. A stunning 170 carat heart shaped Ceylon blue sapphire was set in platinum. The diamonds around the center heart shaped sapphire gem stone weighed a total of around 36 carats. There were 65 diamonds in all, in the sapphire heart pendant.

This real big heart sapphire pendant was priced at an impressive 3.5 million U.S$. Let us now see why and how it was finally sold for an amount far less than it's original price. It was agreed that the big blue sapphire and diamond pendant, would be sold for just 2.2 million U.S$ on one important condition. For this deep price reduction to happen, Celine Dion would need to wear the stunning platinum sapphire pendant to the Academy Awards Ceremony for the year 1998. She did wear it in grand style and sang the big hit, 'My Heart Will Go On' at the ceremony. The London jeweler then sold the stunning pendant to one of his wealthy customers. 


How Can You Get Such A Pendant.

Not many of us are blessed with a million dollar budget to blow on a jewelry purchase. And yet, you got to admit that the design concept for this spectacular blue gemstone heart pendant is awesome. We have a few suggestions which you could consider. Kaisilver is surely not the only source for our suggested ideas so read the options, and work with a jeweler of your choice.

Interesting Suggestions

The center blue gemstone could be a genuine swiss blue topaz or london blue topaz gem. This could be in the 20 carat to 30 carat size range. You could get an eye clean gem stone that is perfectly cut. A smooth cabachon cut blue topaz might also look very nice.

When you talk about diamonds they are expensive. Your budget might be able to manage 2mm to 2.5mm round diamonds. As an option you could use natural white sapphires which are diamond cut. The size could be in the 2mm to 3.5mm sice and round in shape. White cz which is the cheapest option is also possible, the cz stones could be 2mm to 4mm in size.

For the center heart shaped gem, you could use a blue cubic zirconium (cz) gem. This could be in the 20 carat to 60 carat size range. The surrounding stones could then be white cz rounds in the 2mm to 4mm size range.
Blue sapphire, ruby, tanzanite and emeralds are not suitable for sizes beyond 7mm or 8mm heart shape. The price gets to be very expensive beyond that.
If you like amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, rose quartz or lemon quartz gems, you can choose a center heart in the 15 carat to 20 carat size range. The surrounding white gems can be any of those suggested above.
The necklace could be made with white cz or white topaz gems. It is also a good idea to wear your big heart pendant with a necklace made from 7mm to 8mm white or cream cultured pearls.
The pendant could be made in gold or sterling silver. The price of gold is on the rise and silver is an option too. If you choose gold, options for 14k or 18k white or yellow gold could be considered.
Some other gems that are modestly priced in large sizes that could be as large as 30 to 50 carats are, rutilated quartz, white quartz, white topaz, sky blue topaz and rose quartz.
Contact our support team at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any queries or specific requirements. We can custom make all types of jewelry in gold or silver with gems of your choice.

Below are a few interesting jewels related to the contents of this report. For most visitors to this website, the jewels presented here are an education on how good quality jewelry is supposed to be designed and crafted. Just keep in mind that we can custom make all jewels, in the metal and design of your choice. You can ofcourse select the gemstones that you like for both gold and silver options.

big heart pendant, blue topaz gem large heart gem stone pendant kaisilver
A stunning heart shaped blue topaz pendant. This big heart pendant can be custom made with a sky blue topaz or london blue topaz gem stone too. You have options to select the size of the big heart shaped gem. Other gem stone options are also provided ... more. A large heart pendant, custom made heart pendant in gold or sterling silver. The gem stone will be an eye clean blue topaz that is custom cut by some of the finest gem cutters in the industry. You can also choose other gem options for your custom heart pendant ,,, more.


diamond heart pendant, 14k or 18k diamond heart pendant white gold heart pendants with amethyst
A very uique idea for a diamond heart pendant. This pendant is a very good option for buyers looking for a heart diamond pendant. Heart shaped diamonds are quite expensive, this design provides the features and meaning of a heart pendant without the high expense of a heart shaped diamond ... more. This heart pendant concept is suitable for gems that are highly priced for bigger sizes. For example, you could get a 20 carat amethyst heart pendant but, a 5 carat ruby or sapphire heart gem would be very expensive. This heart pendant is custom made in gold or sterling silver. The diamonds in the pendant add beauty and glitter to the jewel ... more.


The above report has been compiled by the experts at Directstones. We do not claim that we are the only source for authentic gems and jewelry but, we do hope that the information we share will be useful in helping you make the right decision. Do write to our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any queries or doubts related to gems and jewelry. There is no need to make any purchase from us, so do go ahead and get the benefit of our expertise.  

We custom cut all gems in the shape and size that you need. There is no minumum order requirement for value or quantity, even single gemstone orders are welcome. You can buy just the loose gemstones or request for a complete custom jewel to be crafted in gold or sterling silver. The design for your jewelry can be yours or ours.


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