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Kate Middleton Sapphire Wedding Ring  

The 18 Carat Blue Sapphire Was Mined In Sri Lanka

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Prince William wed Kate Middleton in the year 2011. One of the highlights of any royal wedding is the jewelry, especially the wedding and engagement rings exchanged by the couple. Prince William gifted a large blue sapphire ring to Kate Middleton, the large sapphire was originally mined in Sri Lanka and now weighs 18 carats. Sri Lankan sapphires also known as Ceylon sapphires, have always held an important position in the global gems and jewelry industry. Sapphires are rare gems and belong to the corrundum group of minerals. A big sapphire gemstone would be one where the gem size is around 3 carats or more. With this definition the 18 carat blue sapphire in the ring worn by Kate, is exceptionally large.

There is no official word from the British palace to confirm, the origin of the large sapphire gemstone set in the ring worn by Kate Middleton for the royal wedding. If you had to consider the beauty of this big natural blue sapphire stone, it does seem very likely that it was mined in Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon). A Sri Lankan Gem and Jewellers organization, claims that the big blue sapphire worn by Kate Middleton for the wedding was mined in Sri Lanka. A mine located in the central portion of the country, was where the big sapphire was mined. The stone was apparently sold around 35 years ago. There are a few countries that have blue sapphire mines, Thailand, Australia, Madagascar and ofcourse Sri Lanka are the main sources for sapphires. If you had to compare sapphires from these sources, Sri Lankan sapphires would be the most preferred. They are also substantially more expensive as compared to sapphires from other sources.  

kate middleton sapphire wedding ring
The 18 carat sapphire ring was given by Prince William to Kate Middleton. The big sapphire gem stone is surrounded by small diamonds. The Ceylon sapphire ring was originally worn by Lady Diana Spencer.

An important thing to note about the big sapphire gemstone in the wedding cum engagement ring worn by Kate Middleton for the royal wedding, entered the British Royal Palace a few decades ago. The above image shows an interesting sequence of snap shots. The large sapphire ring worn by Kate Middleton is surrounded by small diamonds. This was the same ring worn by Lady Diana Spencer for her engagement ceremony, it was gifted to her by Prince Charles.

The reliable Sri Lankan source claims that the big blue sapphire set in the royal wedding and engagement ring, was first sold by a Sri Lankan around 35 years ago (as of 2011). This was the time that Lady Diana received her sapphire diamond engagement ring from Prince Charles. It is claimed that the rough sapphire used to cut this large ceylon sapphire gem, weighed a whooping 32 carats before it was cut.

If you have noticed the sapphire ring has been referred to as an engagement and wedding ring throughout this report. It is the normal practice for royal weddings to be solemnised with an engagement ring, another ring designated as the wedding ring is worn after the actual wedding. However in the case of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the couple decided to have just one ring for the engagement and wedding. The large sapphire and diamond ring would therefore be rightly referred to as the, engagement and wedding ring.

Gemstone experts agree that the beauty and color of the big blue sapphire in the royal engagement ring had to come from Sri Lanka. But it is unlikely that the royal family will disclose all facts related to the large blue sapphire gem stone in the ring worn by both, Lady Diana Spencer and now Kate Middleton. It is estimated that this big Sri Lankan sapphire would have cost around 25,000 U.S$ 35 years ago. However with good quality Ceylon sapphires getting rarer each year, the same gem would today have an estimated value that exceeds 500,000 U.S$.

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