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Midnight Blue Sapphire Gem

What Is Midnight Blue Sapphire

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Sapphires are available in many colors and blue is undoubtedly the most popular color in which this gorgeous gem stone is found. You might come across the name midnight blue sapphire and wonder what this is. This gem stone is a sapphire and basically blue in color but, the color shade of blue is what earns it this name. To understand the meaning of midnight blue sapphires, we will use an interesting and unusual example.

Imagine gazing into the sky at night, no clouds and a nice crisp clarity all around you. You might jump to the conclusion that, the sky at that moment is black. It is infact a very deep blue probably a greyish blue. Now back to our midnight blue sapphire, this should be a sapphire gem stone that is a very dark blue. At first glance it could even appear black. As long as you speak of natural and not manmade sapphires, the brighter blue gems would be more expensive as compared to the darker blue stones. You could say that a midnight blue sapphire is a very dark blue sapphire gemstone.

Loose midnight blue sapphires can be cut in all shapes and sizes. If you held such a sapphire against the light, you might see it as a dark blue sapphire with a hint of green. It is ofcourse possible that it could be deep blue with no other color hues. If you wanted to see the stone color from the face of the gem, you might need a fairly strong light to strike the gemstone.

Discussing the clarity of midnight blue sapphire gemstones is an interesting topic. The presence of absence of inclusions in the sapphire are not relevant to the color aspect. It is possible to get a 2 to 2.5 carat eye clean midnight blue sapphire gemstone. You might still see some color streaks or color zoning in the gem stone. But remember that the gemstone would appear very dark and probably even black, when seen in normal conditions. The inclusions and color zoning would therefore normally not be visible. Think twice if you intend to pay a premium price for a midnight blue sapphire just because it is eye clean.

So what should you look for when choosing loose midnight sapphire gemstones. Firstly make sure that you are getting a natural sapphire. This is easier said than done, most casual buyers of gems and jewelry might not be experts in identifying various gems. It is fair to expect that your gem and jewelry provider would not cheat you but, reality is a bit different. Just make sure that you choose a provider that you can trust. Turn the midnight sapphire stone face up, normal daylight should be fine. Then angle the stone from side to side and try to identify surface cracks. Irrespective of the inclusions in the sapphire, you do not want to get a stone that is chipped or cracked on the surface. If you get a midnight sapphire stone that is very deep as compared to it's size, make sure that it can be well mounted in a jewel. Price suggestions for natural sapphires is not easy to make. The price per carat would depend on the color and size of the stone. Visible cracks or chips on the surface should make it cheaper but, it is best not to pick such gems. Most midnight blue sapphire gemstones are cut with facets, check to see that there are cracks along the facet lines. Moving the gemstone around in normal light conditions should make these show up clearly.

Black sapphires are another interesting variety of sapphires. We could use a similar explanation that is provided for midnight blue sapphires when describing a black sapphire stone. If look at a black sapphire it appears black, shine a penlight from under the stone and it could show a dull, dark blue color. In this case the blue color could be greyish and murky, this because of a high density of inclusions in the stone. While a midnight blue sapphire might have inclusions, the number and size of inclusions in a black sapphire would be far more. Such highly included gems allow almost no light to pass through the gemstone, this makes the stone appear even darker than it's color would suggest. If you took an oval faceted midnight blue sapphire gem of size 10x8mm and put a penlight under it, most of the stone would show a dark blue color. On the other hand the inclusions in a black sapphire would be so dense that, a little light would pass through the edges (rim) where the gemstone thickness would be a bit less.

So why use the name midnight blue sapphire or black sapphire when the basic color of the stone is blue. In reality, you would say that these are low quality blue sapphire stones. This does not sound very positive at least to someone trying to sell these gems. On the other hand giving them names like, midnight sapphire or black sapphire render a better image to the stone.

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