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Small Sapphire Gemstones 

Coping With Rising Sapphire Gem Prices

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Sapphires, rubies and emeralds are some of the oldest gems known to man. This also means that they are some of the most heavily and consistently mined gems. It is no wonder then that, sapphire prices have seen a constant upward movement. This has resulted in two clear trends, large sapphires are getting to be rarer by the day and commanding absurdly high prices. What is more interesting is the constant effort (of man) to improve the 'quality' of sapphires that are mined. While the old (conventional) heat treatment applied to sapphires is accepted and practised even today, other treatments have also been developed.

Let us presume that you want some good quality blue sapphires and will accept only conventionally heated stones, what exactly are your options? In this report on Coping With Rising Sapphire Prices, we will make some useful and constructive suggestions to help you, get the sapphires that you need without deflating your bank account. Remember that we are ruling out fake or manmade sapphires. We are also ruling out sapphires treated with newer methods like fissure filling, diffusion processes etc. We will limit our discussion to natural blue sapphires, medium to good grade and treated ONLY by the (old) conventionally heated process.

As we get deeper into this discussion we will need to understand the equation with reference to price and size that will ALWAYS apply to sapphire gemstones. Sapphires like most other gemstones ae priced per carat (weight unit). As the size of the sapphire gem stone increases, the price per carat also moves up. This means that smaller sapphire sizes will be more moderately priced per carat. If you are looking for moderately priced, good natural blue sapphire gems, you should be considering small sapphire gems. So what exactly is small and big with reference to sapphire gemstones. Sapphire sizes that are 5mm and smaller can be termed as small, this is a nice size category to explore. The idea of going for small sapphire gemstones is a good one even if, you are looking for a good sapphire gem stone ring that is not too extravagantly priced.

So we know that small sapphire gems are 5mm and below in size, and just how small must you go. Since most of the sapphire gems that you buy will ultimately be set in jewelry, we will talk about a sapphire ring with small sapphire gems. We are not talking about a tiny 1mm to 1.5mm or even 2mm sizes. Such small sapphire gems are often set in cluster type of jewels - these jewels with a multitude of tiny gems have their own set of problems. Loose gem setting, stones dropping off, finding matching replacements etc. We would therefore say that you should be in the 3mm to 5mm category when looking for sapphire gemstones in smaller sizes.

Important: Let us take an example here, and talk about specific sapphire gemstone qualities, sizes and prices. If you had to closely inspect a 9x7mm oval blue sapphire gem for color, transparency and clarity you could get a fairly good piece at a price of around 600 U.S$ to 900 U.S$ per carat. Now if you had to get the same sapphire quality in sizes of 3mm to 4mm - you could pay around 200 U.S$ to 300 U.S$ per carat. And 5mm sapphires with this quality could be priced at around 300 U.S$ to 400 U.S$ per carat.

Keeping the above price indicators in mind, you could consider looking for a small sapphire gem stone ring that has, around 4 to 5 round blue sapphires in the 4mm gem size. These would totally have a weight of around 1 carat and be priced at just around 300 U.S$ per carat - each gem would then cost you just 50 U.S$ to 60 U.S$. You will ofcourse need to find a good sapphire ring design that, would look gorgeous and valuable even with, the smal sapphire gem sizes. We might tell you that, a talented team of designers backed by fine craftsmanship can achieve this without much of a problem. You could infact splash a few small diamonds in the small sapphire gemstone ring too.

The above information will grow more valuable as the prices of sapphire gemstones keep increasing. We would therefore advise you to mark this page for future reference. You can also pass the link to your friends and relatives, it will help them get more value for the money that they spend on sapphire gems or sapphire gem stone jewelry. Our experts at sales@kaisilver.com will always be glad to answer any questions that you might have relating to gems and jewelry.


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